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Guide To Background Checks » How To Guide http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com Tue, 13 Oct 2015 18:53:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.3.10 More About Background Check http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com/how-to-guide/more-about-background-check http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com/how-to-guide/more-about-background-check#comments Thu, 21 Feb 2013 01:37:25 +0000 http://www.plrblogs.com/backgroundchecks/background-check-faqs/more-about-background-check Trust is something hard to come by especially if one does not know the person. To make this happen, companies and people do background checks on the individual to avoid being swindled or victimized.

An example is when people apply for a job. The company has to do a background check to see if that individual is for real or a fraud. Human resource practioners do this by letting the applicant fill up a form.

This usually has the name of the applicant and other details such as where the person worked before. In the bottom, these people ask for 3 individuals to be used as character references that have either worked or known the individual.

Some companies do not have the budget to do this so it is left to an employment agency to do the necessary checking before forwarding the application of the person to the client company.

When calling references, questions such as how long the individual has known the person and at what capacity. If the one being called is a co-worker or the employer, questions such as what the strengths and weaknesses of the person, why did the person leave and would the company re-hire the individual if there is an opportunity.

Another way of doing a background check is going online. The person can check if the applicant has a criminal record and other important details such as the social security number that may cost a little but it will all be worth it if the person is clean.

Background checks are also done when a person applies for a loan in a bank.

If this person has not done business with the bank or has only recently opened an account, this is needed to avoid being victimized by impostors or other criminal elements.

The bank will do this by asking for some information such as where the person lives, documents that may be used as collateral for the loan such as the house or the car. A check online will also determine if the person has a criminal record or not before the loan can be processed and given to the individual.

Credit card companies do the same. Aside from filling up the form, other documents need to be presented such as one’s pay slip to know how much the person is earning. Once this has been done, the creditor can determine how much credit can be given to this customer.

Some companies who are in the same industry for example retail have an association among it’s members.

Should an applicant who worked in one company decide to work in another but has a bad record, that individual will be blacklisted and will surely not get the job.

Whether an individual applies for work or needs something done, background checks are needed for the safety of the firm and the people who work for it. By implementing these procedures; a person who deserves the job fills that vacancy, a loan can be granted to the right people and the person can shop until the card has reached its limit.

Security is something needed in modern society. It separates the good from the bad and those who deserve something or not. Without it, people will fall victim to criminal elements and businesses will not flourish.

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How To Perform A Background Check http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com/how-to-guide/how-to-perform-a-background-check http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com/how-to-guide/how-to-perform-a-background-check#comments Sat, 16 Feb 2013 05:25:56 +0000 http://www.plrblogs.com/backgroundchecks/background-check-faqs/how-to-perform-a-background-check There are various reasons why background checking of certain individuals or companies has become necessary. The reason may be as simple as a verification of the credentials of a newly appointed executive in the office. It may be as complicated as digging out the criminal past of a dishonest businessman. A background check helps in affirming the credibility of certain person or confirms the certainty of some rumors relating to the performance of certain business house. Thus when you are looking for the source of information for your investigation, you should be guided by the context and circumstances of the investigation, and not by convenience or cost factors.

Background check is a form of investigative research and there is a wide range of databases to help you find the necessary information. There are a variety of databases such as specialized databases, and regional and government databases that may be helpful in searching for different types of personal as well as public information. Then there are several research agencies that will supply you with the necessary information for a price. The most renowned among them are LexisNexis, Westlaw, ChoicePoint Online, AutoTrackXP and Accurint, which specialize, in various kinds of public records. For example, if you are tracking the address of a person over the past several years, Accurint will be able to provide you the most comprehensive information about address histories. But if you want to look up some incident in the recent past, then try AutoTrackXP’s database.

In a democratic country such as the United States, the public theoretically has the right to access the government records that may seem relevant to their business. However there are restrictions on how you are allowed to use this information. The investigators who perform the background checks, therefore are required to be familiar with the various laws governing the accessibility to various public information and their permissible uses. The provisions dealing with the permissible uses of different information change with each state. However, most of the laws generally allow access to the information intended to be used for litigation-related purposes.

Up to this point so far, you have identified the context of the research, and you have identified the possible sources of information and the permissible uses of those sources. The next step involves obtaining personal identification information including name, date of birth and Social Security number. Your client may have already provided this information; even so it is your responsibility to verify them. You should also investigate the places where the person had lived and done business previously.

After you have obtained and verified the personal identification of the person in question, you can now proceed to other aspects of the investigation. For example, if you are checking the credentials of an executive, you should then look into his educational background and past employment history. Or if you are verifying rumors about the shady past of a certain person, you should start by checking for any criminal record.

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Employment Background Check http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com/how-to-guide/employment-background-check http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com/how-to-guide/employment-background-check#comments Wed, 13 Feb 2013 03:21:16 +0000 http://www.plrblogs.com/backgroundchecks/background-check-faqs/employment-background-check Employment background checks are becoming increasingly common these days. The reasons for this include the fact that negligent hiring lawsuits that result from the actions of an errant employee can damage a company’s credibility and lead to hefty fines; companies have become more selective in their choice of employees following the threat of terrorist activities; accepting a resume at face value has resulted in many companies wasting time and money due to frequent hire-and-fire situations. Also, more companies are now conducting employee background checks as information from databases all over the world is available online.

Employers are not bound to conduct an employment background check in all cases; however, federal and state laws make employment background checks compulsory for jobs that require interacting with children, the infirm, and the aged.

Information that can be included in an employment background check includes driving records, details of past employments, criminal records, military records, educational records, character references, and drug test records. However, background check companies that provide information to employers have to abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which regulates the type and amount of information that an external agency can provide to an employer.

Bankruptcies that are more than 10 years old as well as civil suits and records of arrest more than seven years old cannot be reported. FCRA regulations vary with the state and agencies that carry out a pre-employment background check need to ensure that they comply with the state regulations.

Employment background checks can be conducted by companies in-house or can be outsourced to third parties that may include private investigators, H.R firms that screen applicants, and data brokers who are established online. Outsourcing an employment background check has its advantages but if a third-party is conducting a background check, consent from the applicant is required and under FCRA regulations the applicant should be provided with a copy of the investigations. If the employment background check is conducted in-house, the employer is not bound to obtain the applicant’s consent or apprise him in detail of the reason for rejecting his application.

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Business Background Check http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com/how-to-guide/business-background-check http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com/how-to-guide/business-background-check#comments Tue, 05 Feb 2013 12:14:57 +0000 http://www.plrblogs.com/backgroundchecks/background-check-faqs/business-background-check Businesses getting into a partnership or individuals looking to avail the services of a business should first conduct a business background check. This assists them in making a more informed business decision. There are several agencies that provide information on businesses; the information can include data on lawsuits, liens, bankruptcies, and corporate information.

Individuals wishing to take the services of a law firm, a contractor, a car dealer, or builder can perform a business background check to try and ensure that they do not end up doing business with a trickster. Business background checks can also help in evaluating old-age homes and nursing centers where one may have to admit a family member.

Before agreeing to a business transaction of any sort with a company, whether advertising, marketing, or public relations firms, it is important to get a feel of their capacity to deliver as well as their market reputation. A business background check assumes even greater significance if it is for a one-time business transaction because once a deal has been agreed to; issue-resolving at a later date can be a long drawn process and most often with one-time transactions companies do not vigorously pursue an issue. Therefore, it is important to obtain samples of successful work done before making any written commitment.

Information necessary for a business background check can be obtained from the “Doing Business As” (DBA) records that are available at the county courthouse. The DBA records are public records and provide valuable information on businesspersons and companies that have been given a license to do business in a given region.

By running a business background check on a prospective business partner, one becomes aware of the liabilities that one may possibly invite if the business partner fails to live up to his part of the deal.

Business background checks reveal business, professional, and personal information. The business information can consist of national property records, business name and address, FEIN, UCC filings, any civil litigations, and tax liens. Professional license verification, DBA filings, partnerships and affiliations are also checked. Personal information covered for a business background check includes social security numbers of owners and directors, aliases, and residence property owners.

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Background Checks A Detailed Guide http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com/how-to-guide/background-checks-a-detailed-guide http://bestpublicrecordsfinder.com/how-to-guide/background-checks-a-detailed-guide#comments Mon, 28 Jan 2013 07:23:00 +0000 http://www.plrblogs.com/backgroundchecks/background-check-faqs/background-checks-a-detailed-guide Most people think that to run a background check you should turn to a private investigation bureau or a security company. In fact, background checks are easy to do yourself, with a little time and effort.

Background checks are widely used in business, human relations, media, education and even for screening day care workers. In many companies, background checks along with psychological tests and screenings have become integral part of hiring a person for higher level positions. You may choose to run a free background check when hiring a live-in caregiver or a nanny.

In many areas of employment, companies choose to run a background check to protect them from potential legal action. Background checks have become more common also after the tragic 9/11 events. For example, no one would wish to unknowingly hire a sales manager who had been found guilty of larceny in another country.

For many headhunters and employers, background checks can be as simple as getting a credit report or more complex checks such as in-depth verification of applicant’s educational background and working credentials. An in-depth background check could even include an investigation by a special agent of addresses where a person lived for the past few years, interviews with family, neighbors, and even ex-spouses.

More often, a background check includes checking recommendations and validating employment history; some positions require an examination of civil or criminal records, an authentication of various professional certifications, and sometimes an inspection of a credit history which is essential for positions related to finance or valuable commodities.

When a hiring company notifies you that a background check is to be performed, it does not mean that an employer has negative feelings about you. In most cases, a hiring manager may even not notify that they require the background check. However, in many cases employers are required to get your permission to access certain types of information.

Most HR professionals already know that all information required for a free background check is public and easily accessible. Sometimes, however, employers would have to pay a fee to access more specific information or hire third-party organizations to do their checks for them. To make sure you have nothing to fear, order a copy of your own credit report, a driving record, and, if you have a court history, legal records.

Generally, free background checks have limited if no access to bankruptcy information that is more than 10 years old or to other civil issues after seven years. The sort of information collected by free background checks can also vary; depending on whom performs the checks.

In most cases, unless you are particularly curious, you don’t have to perform a background check on yourself. However, you may wish to run a free background check on yourself just to make sure no errors have been made or recorded incorrectly. Now you too have the ability, thanks to the Internet to do a free background check on yourself if you really want to. You can make sure that your records are absolutely clean for that extra peace of mind, that may help you get that precious contract or a job of your dreams.

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