How To Do A Background Check

Background checks are becoming every more common as part of a pre-employment screening as well as screenings down before signing renters agreements. They help employers and landlords validate the information and identity of their applicants. Many landlords and employers can even be sued for if they do not perform background checks and an incident occurs. It is considered the employer’s or landlord’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their workplace or building.

Federal law requires that criminal background checks be performed before hiring applicants that will be working in childcare, hospitals, disability centers, and nursing homes. This because there are increasing reports of child violence, including sexual assault, kidnapping, and molestation.

The good news is that background checks have never been easier to perform. Employers have many ways of searching public records and private employees can discover what information is openly available to anyone that goes looking for it.

The easiest way is to search online. There are four different searches that can be performed online, and each will return different results. The first type of search is to visit the local state government’s website. Government websites are listed under a multitude of titles. There may even be two websites for the same state as the state police may take it upon themselves to run their own website as well as the state government. Users can look for the state website directly, or can try a Google search that contains the desired name and the words ‘government record’ or ‘criminal record.’ URLs ending in “.gov” will lead to the most useful sites.

Some states have made an effort to make this sort of information available and performing an online search will be simple. Others will require that the one requesting the information mail in a form or some other sort of authorization before they will send the results of a check. IF there are forms that need to be filled out and processed there is generally a fee attached to the services.

The second option is to use a commercial people-search service. Many of the services include a public-records criminal background check, as well as a lot of other relevant information in their search results. These services are often more expensive than the government alternatives, but they can also be more extensive and so can provide more useful results.

The third option is just to perform a simple Google search. The chances of finding relevant information this way goes down the more common the person’s name is, but a good Google search can return an applicants social media and resume pages. In order to increase the increase the chances of finding good information specific information should be used in the search, such as city, state and other identifiers.

The fourth option is to use a criminal background check service. Such services also charge a small fee for performing a search. Unlike other paid services, they concentrate on criminal background checks from a variety of reputable sources.